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 We provide specialty landscape services to the Pittsburgh area and the South Hills that many Landscape Companies do not provide.


Hydro-seeding - Efficient and Economical

Our staff can provide you with quality lawn care by preparing and hydro-seeding large areas of your yard.  Also, we can patch those small areas affected by the winter.  


A Spring Yard Clean-up will get your yard looking it's best and ready for a healthy Summer. We provide debris clean-up, trimming, blowing out landscape rock, and weed control, 
A Fall Yard Clean-up will remove the fallen leaves and sticks and make sure your property is prepared for the coming Winter.  We use a vacuum method to remove the leaves from your yard,  Its a faster and more efficient method of removing mold-causing leaves.



We are also prepared to provide fall aeration and de-thatching, over-seeding, and leaf clean-up; preparing your lawn to be healthier the next season.  

If you detect a thatch layer of more than one-half inch, aeration and/or de-thatching of your lawn can be beneficial to help break down the excess thatch. It's a good practice to maintain optimum lawn health. Grass clippings, leaves, everyday use can add to the compaction of the soil and accumulation of excess thatch. This creates a barrier to water and nutrients reaching the roots of your grass.


We provide removal of poison ivy and poison oak.

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Poison Ivy, Poison Oak Removal


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